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Our press plates.

There are no limits to how they can be used in the wood-based processing industry: The steel press plates from HUECK Rheinische GmbH are suitable for the furniture and flooring industry, for the production of compact boards and for technical applications such as anti-slip surfaces. Their surfaces, which are one- or both-side textured, vary from perfect replicas of nature in the form of wood and stone, through graphic designs to very puristic, smooth surfaces without structure. From high gloss to deep matt – each surface conforms with its use and, as always, accords with your wishes.

This is what commitment means to us. Our services.

We gladly assist with a project from the start. Our team supervises the development, planning and implementation of new plates, bringing plenty of experience and commitment to bear. Upon request, we will also offer renewal your steel press plates. This includes de- and rechroming, or refurbishing of your used press plates. Talk to us and we will advise you how and in what form your press plates can be reworked for their next use.

With HUECK Rheinische GmbH you are in good hands right from the first consultation and planning session. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate surfaces or, on request, we will jointly develop a new surface exclusively for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an all-over structure or an registered in embossing structure, with our patented Heliochrome, Lunarchrome, Stratochrome and Variochrome technologies we create the press plates according to your ideas. Through this innovative technology, different degrees of gloss can be achieved on the surface, bringing them to life. This gives the wood-based panels their particular uniqueness in conjunction with the matching wood d├ęcor.
Refurbishing is done when the surface/structure of the delivered press plate has been damaged by scratches or kinks. The reworking process is more time-consuming than de- and rechroming, as the press plate must be ground and then restructured. The result is just the same as a new sheet, however.
The lustre of press plates changes in use – especially in the production of laminate flooring. When this happens, you can return your press plates to HUECK Rheinische GmbH to be reworked by us. Our conscientious staff in the inspection department will check the wear plate closely and decide how it can be reworked:
De- and rechroming is the fastest possible way to renew the plate. It gives the press plate the original gloss, so you can use it for the same production again. Depending on the nature of the surface, de- and rechroming can even be carried out several times.