Results that we’re proud of.
Our products.

We develop, we manufacture, we rework – and every day we try to see things with new eyes. This is the only way to drive innovation and improve ourselves and our products continually. You can see that in our press plates, pads and decor. New technologies always offer new opportunities. For the benefit of our customers, we approach the future with continual curiousity.

Our press plates

Quality you can rely on

Whether you’re looking for new, refurbished or refinished press plates, it’s worthwhile getting to know HUECK Rheinische GmbH’s comprehensive services better.

Press pads, press plates and decors

Our press pads

Flexibility that makes the difference

Constant pressure and
heat transfer – these are the stable feats of our press pads.
Discover the widely different applications for them now.

Press pads, press plates and decors

Our decor

Inspired by nature.

Our design studio adds years of experience and particular feel for upcoming trends. The result: a high degree of separated data for the printing industry.

Press pads, press plates and decors